Best Cancer Hospital in Dhaka

Cancer is a dreaded disease for all of humanity. A large number of people from various communities have been diagnosed with fatal illnesses every year. It would be better if there were some ways to prevent cancer or at least diagnose it before it was too late. 

Picking a cancer treatment facility isn’t as difficult as it may appear. You have more resources at your disposal than you may imagine. It only takes a little investigation. The benefit is that you may begin therapy with genuine trust in your doctors and facility, which is well worth the effort. This guide will assist you in selecting the Best Cancer Hospital in Dhaka.

Developed countries of the world have made immense progress in this area while developing countries like Bangladesh still lack enough research to be able to treat patients properly. However, it is felt that with proper care and treatment by professional doctors, cancer would not be as deadly as it is now.

Many hospitals have been established in Bangladesh to treat patients with cancer. Obviously, it would be a great help for patients if they could find out about the best hospital that has qualified doctors and up-to-date equipment for dealing with this fatal illness.

Suggestions are really important. Consult with friends and relatives to learn about their experiences at local medical facilities. Inquire with your health care doctor about cancer treatment hospitals’ professional reputations, particularly managing your kind of cancer. Find the best cancer expert first since they will most likely treat you in the best cancer hospitals. If you need emergency ambulance, Here is the list of best ambulance service in Dhaka

The Best Cancer Hospitals in Dhaka are listed below.  

BIHS General Hospital


Japan Bangladesh Friendship Hospital


United Hospital Limited


Bangladesh Specialized Hospital


LABAID Specialized Hospital


Square Hospitals Ltd.


The ENT and Head Neck Cancer Hospital and Institute


Anwer Khan Modern Medical College & Hospital


Dhaka Cancer and General Hospital


Ahsania Mission Cancer Hospital


Labaid Cancer Hospital And Super Speciality Center


National Institute of Cancer Research & Hospital (NICRH)


Here are some factors that one should consider while looking for the best cancer hospitals in Dhaka:

1. Qualification:

One should look for hospitals that provide treatments by qualified doctors and staff. Whether it is a private or public hospital, the doctor and his assistants should be well-qualified in this field.

2. Services:

A patient with cancer needs specialised services like chemotherapy, radiation therapy, hematology, etc. Besides curative services, one should also look for hospitals that provide palliative care, supportive therapy, rehabilitation services, etc.

3. Infrastructure:

Technology is one of the main factors in providing good healthcare to patients with cancer. One should find out whether a hospital has up-to-date equipment like an advanced microscope for diagnosis.

4. Support system:

One should look for a hospital that provides social and psychological support to patients. Besides medical facilities, one should also find out whether the hospital has recreational facilities like a library and auditorium. Cancer patients need to be kept mentally strong in order to deal with the illness better.

5. Service charges:

It is important to find out about the service charges of a hospital. The basic purpose of staying there is to get treatment, so expenses are inevitable. But the question is whether the rates are reasonable or not?

6. Location:

Finding out about location is also necessary, as it has to be near enough for patients and their family members to visit them frequently. It would be better if the hospital is located within Dhaka city.

7. Reputation:

Generally, hospitals that have good reputations are usually the best cancer hospitals in Bangladesh. There are many cancer hospitals that provide care and treatment successfully to patients with cancer of various types. It would be better to find out about their services before choosing one for oneself.

So, these are some factors that could help one find out about the best cancer hospitals in Bangladesh. However, it is still very difficult to judge which hospital is really good for sure based on only secondary information like news articles or online reviews by patients and doctors. The best way would be to assess each hospital personally and then choose one that seems to be the most logical choice.

Professionals can now deliver larger doses of radiation in a more targeted manner, thanks to recent advancements in radiation treatment. This technique has the benefit of causing less tissue damage surrounding the tumor and requiring fewer sessions for the patient. As a result, you should research the technologies used by these hospitals and select the best cancer hospital for you.

While some people prefer going to a specialized cancer clinic in another country, this may not be practical for everyone. Because you won’t be feeling your best throughout chemotherapy or radiation, convenience is crucial. As a result, it’s critical that you think about where the cancer hospital is located. Cancer treatment is costly, so make sure you examine the expenses of the treatment programs to determine if they fit into your budget.