Best Gastroenterologist in Dhaka

If you have persistent digestive problems, your primary care physician may advise you to consult a gastroenterologist. Gastroenterologists are experts in detecting and therapy of oesophageal, stomach, gallbladder, pancreas, bile ducts, small intestine, and colon disorders. 

A gastroenterologist cares for patients with diseases or disorders of the digestive tract, which includes the organs from mouth to anus. This specialist treats conditions such as oesophageal reflux disease (GERD), ulcers, gallstones, inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), Crohn’s disease, and celiac disease, among others. 

Gastroenterologist also treats and manages patients with liver and pancreatic disorders in some cases. A gastroenterologist helps keep patients with digestive system disorders by diagnosing and treating diseases such as liver, pancreatic, and colon cancer; managing abdominal pain from gallstones or kidney stones; and performing endoscopic procedures to examine the oesophagus, stomach, and intestines for signs of disease. 

This post will assist you in selecting the Best Gastroenterologist in Dhaka.

Begin with your primary healthcare’s recommendation list. You can also get suggestions from relatives, friends, and other medical professionals to choose the best gastroenterologist. Gastroenterologists are internal medicine and gastrointestinal experts who are board-certified in both fields. Board certification indicates that the doctor has received the required training, abilities, and expertise to offer GI treatment. When it comes to specialist medical or surgical therapy for complicated GI disorders, the more expertise a doctor has, the greater your chances of getting good outcomes.

The following are the Best Gastroenterologists in Dhaka. 

Prof. Dr. Md. Hasan Masud


Brig. Gen. Dr. Md. Delwar Hossain


Here are some points that will help you find the best gastroenterologist in Bangladesh, Dhaka:

1.  Referral:

The most reliable and easy way to find a good gastroenterologist is through referral. If you know anyone who has recently been through this treatment, then it will be wise to ask their advice for the specific doctor that they were treated by. With knowledge of what kind of treatment, they underwent under his/her guidance, you can decide for yourself whether that person is the best suited for your treatment or not.

2.  Search on internet:

The second way to find a good gastroenterologist in Bangladesh is by doing online research. There are many forums, blogs, and posts dedicated to this specialty field which can help you get in touch with reliable physicians. Make sure to read honest reviews about the gastroenterologists’ work and their customer service skills.

3.   Consult friends and family members:

Another way of finding a good gastroenterologist in Bangladesh is asking your friends, relatives, and close contacts for recommendations. This might not be the best option but can still serve you to a certain extent if you get advice from someone who has been through this treatment procedure before.

4.  Approach hospitals directly:

You can directly approach hospitals with world-class facilities to find a gastroenterologist. You can first visit their website and check for the best specialists who are currently working there. Try to call them over the phone or meet them at their office directly to inquire about your treatment.

5.  Approach private medical centres:

If you have the financial resources, then you can choose to go to a private medical centre. There are many in Bangladesh that offer quality treatment at the hands of experienced and qualified gastroenterologists and surgeons across Dhaka city and its suburbs.

6.  Consult with medical students:

The last option but not the least is consulting with medical students or interns who are about to go through their internship at a reputable hospital or medical centre. They may not be the best choice for your treatment right now, but their advice can certainly help you decide on which hospitals and doctors you should contact first.

Inquire with the gastroenterologist about their most recent experience and training, particularly concerning your disease and gender. Gastroenterologists are becoming increasingly skilled in their care of women suffering from GI problems. Consider the level of care available at the hospital where the gastroenterologist may see patients. You care about hospital quality because patients at top-rated hospitals have fewer problems and have a higher chance of surviving.

Choosing the right doctor is important because if your condition requires surgery, then it is better to get treated by a skilled surgeon as well.

Medical science has come a long way and gastroenterologists have made huge progress in recent years. The treatment options for such disorders are now more advanced than ever before and thus getting treatment under the supervision of a professional doctor is advised. This can help ensure that you get the best results possible following your treatment.

Select the best gastroenterologist with whom you feel at ease communicating and who understands your information requirements. Reading what other individuals have to express about a doctor might give insight into how they perform medicine and how their medical practice is run. Finally, be sure their consultation prices are within your budget. Do you need dermatologist for your skin problem, Here is list of best dermatologist in Dhaka.