Best Thyroid Doctors in Dhaka

Thyroid illness is treated by specialists from a wide range of medical disciplines, from family physicians to endocrinologists, making it difficult to determine which sort of specialist to consult.  There are several things to consider when choosing a doctor, including the type of thyroid disease you have, whether you believe you have a thyroid disorder, have recently been diagnosed, or have been carrying the illness for some time. For your ease, the Best Thyroid Doctors in Dhaka are mentioned in this article.

The first and most important step in searching for a doctor is to make sure you know the exact nature of your thyroid condition. Diagnosis of hyperthyroidism includes blood tests, radioactive iodine uptake test, thyroid scan, ultrasound examination, etc., whereas the diagnosis of hypothyroidism includes autoimmune marker testing, basal body temperature analysis, physical exam, or laboratory testing.

Once you have the correct thyroid disorder, it is important to determine if your condition is severe enough to need treatment or if it can be monitored with a simple observation.

The next step in finding the right doctor is asking friends and family for referrals. Sometimes, using an online search engine will get you some doctors that may fit your criteria, but checking with a few close friends and family members about thyroid experts in your area is a good way to make a shortlist.

The third step is going on the internet and finding out more about these doctors – reading reviews, looking at their websites – anything that will give you an idea of what most people think of them as thyroid experts.

Five of the most significant determinants people tend to base their choice of doctor on are:

  1. Location.
  2. The length of wait for an appointment.
  3. Doctor’s availability (days and hours).
  4. Whether they offer same-day appointments. 
  5. General cost of consultation.

There are numerous things to contemplate before making an appointment with the best thyroid doctor once you’ve decided what sort of specialist you want to visit. 

When it comes to the kind of care they want, everyone is different. Some people prefer to receive care as near to home as feasible, while others are prepared to commute a long distance to visit a doctor who is passionate about treating thyroid illness. 

You’ll need a thyroid doctor you can trust and communicate with because many thyroid problems require continuous therapy. Different people value physicians with different personalities, and it’s perfectly fine to select one who matches yours. Remember that you are a client with the right to choose the sort of service you desire.

Some doctors recommend specific tests before making a diagnosis, whereas others make a diagnosis after examining symptoms. The best thyroid doctors in Dhaka who are detail-oriented and take the time to listen will conduct the necessary tests that determine what your condition is and how it can be treated.

This might be the kind of doctor that reads your test results and doesn’t need you to do anything on your own, or it could be one who follows up with you regularly. If you don’t want to take thyroid medication, then a doctor who can work with alternative therapies such as herbs and supplements would benefit your health.

Family physicians are great for diagnosing thyroid illnesses and prescribing medication to help with any symptoms you may be experiencing, but they aren’t trained in surgical procedures like removing nodules or tumours. An internal medicine specialist (internist) can diagnose your condition by running blood tests that provide information on how much thyroid hormone is made by your thyroid gland.

When you first visit a thyroid doctor, ask a question, and observe their response. You should feel comfortable talking about all your concerns and questions, whether it is the prescription medication you’re taking or dietary habits that affect thyroid treatment.

A good thyroid doctor will understand your concerns and answer your questions, even if they cannot provide an immediate cure. Best doctors stay up to date with the latest research findings on thyroid treatment, which may lead you to spend more time in consultations. Some people visit their endocrinologist every six months whereas others check in with them once a year. People often find that visiting a good thyroid doctor once or twice a year is enough, and they can see their primary care physician for the rest of the time.

It’s essential that you trust your instincts. Read patient reviews and compare consultation fees and treatment plans before deciding on the best thyroid doctor for you.

The Best Thyroid Doctors in Dhaka are listed below. 

Prof. Dr. M. A. Rashid


Dr. Md. Towhiduzzaman


Dr Altab Hossain


Dr. Mokbul Ahmed Belal (PT)


Dr. Md. Murad Hossain Mehedi (PT)


Dr. Umma Salma Urmy (PT)