Are you looking for a Vision refrigerator price in Bangladesh? If you want to buy a Vision fridge but do not know how much it costs, here is how to buy it.

Vision refrigerators have been gaining popularity for a few years now and it shows that the people of Bangladesh loved the product very much. The best part about knowing a Vision refrigerator price in Bangladesh is that you get to choose between different models.

Some of the innovative features include durability for longer life, low-cost maintenance, and low-power usage that helps to save electricity bills to a great extent. Besides, these refrigerators are available in plenty of designs and varied colors that look stylish and eye-catching. Moreover, the after-sale policy is very good and they provide extended periods of warranty for the compressor and other spare parts.

Still, worried about a Vision refrigerator price in Bangladesh? You can have a decent fridge between 26,000 and 91,000 BDT that has a capacity between 222 and 566 liters. The stylish Vision refrigerators even house 100% copper condensers that help to save a lot of money on your electricity bills.

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