Are you planning to buy a Walton washing machine? If so, you may want to know a Walton washing machine price in Bangladesh to buy the right one of your choice.

With a variety of designs and capacities such as 6kg, 7.5kg, 9kg, and so on, you can always find the right washing machine that will fulfill your requirements. Here you can find all about the Walton washing machine price in Bangladesh and a bit about the specifications as well.

Walton washing machines are available in top and front-loading models. Also, you get to choose from fully and semi-automatic washing machines. In this way, you can find what is best for your home. If you have kids at home, you need to wash a lot of clothes every day so it is important for you to know a Walton washing machine price in Bangladesh.

It is time that you need to buy a great washing machine to take care of your family and Walton washing machines serve this very purpose better. With a price tag between 7000 and 35,000 BDT, you can have a nice Walton washing machine from your home.

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