Not every people in Dhaka knows that the best Kacchi biryani in Mirpur is one of the best places where you can have this delicious dish at an affordable price.

Kacchi Biryani is loved by the people of Bangladesh and whenever anyone visits Dhaka, they make sure to have the best Kacchi biryani in Mirpur without fail. It is the aroma and taste of these kacchi biryanis that compel people to visit these restaurants and eat to their heart’s content. With the right blend of meat, rice, and spices, you get to eat delicious food.

At affordable prices, you can have a variety of biryani recipes in these restaurants. Moreover, the best kacchi biryani in Mirpur has juicy meat all over it and has the right shape. As a result, the pieces of meat retain the spices and produce a soft touch to them. Also, you can detach the juicy meat from the bones with ease.

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