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Bangladesh, the nutritional status of the whole population is lagging behind. More than 60% of women of child bearing age are suffering from chronic malnutrition as revealed by low BMI; and about 70% of them have IDD and nutritional anemia. On the other hand, more than 50 % of childhood mortality is directly or indirectly linked to malnutrition. In addition, malnutrition is also associated with increased risk of morbidity, lower learning potential and lower productivity in adulthood. Although, over the last decades, the IMR and the MMR are declining, the figure is still quiet high. The biggest challenges to achieve the desired goals of MDGs 4 & 5 are very high neonatal mortality rate which itself is contributed by, among other factors, low birth weight. The birth weight of the newborn is largely dependant on the maternal nutritional status.

Participant characteristics

All the participants of the training should be doctors, nutritionist, Consultant (Paediatrics), Junior Consultants, working in Health Complexes and District Hospitals.

Duration of training

Duration of Training: 10 days.
Maximum participants: 20 participants in each batch.

  • Importance of Nutrition in Health & Socioeconomic Development
  • Current National Nutrition Programme
  • National food and nutrition policy and national Plan of Action on Nutrition of Bangladesh
  • Breastfeeding and complementary feeding
  • Nutritional Training For Specialists (Paediatrics)
  • Healthy Food Habits and food based dietary guidelines

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