Padma Multipurpose Bridge

You might have known the Padma Bridge has become the most desired word of the people of Bangladesh. It is the longest multipurpose bridge in Bangladesh. This bridge was made without any foreign aid. It occupies the first position among the other bridges that exist in Bangladesh. The people of this country long for the bridge for a long time. Let us know the pros and cons of the bridge. 

The Information Regarding Padma Bridge is given below: 

  1. Padma Bridge description
  2. Padma Bridge length and height
  3. Padma Bridge Toll Fee
  4. Padma Bridge Opening Date
  5. Padma Bridge Budget
  6. Padma Bridge Rank in The World
  7. Padma Bridge Locations

The history behind the Padma Bridge

There is a story behind building Padma Bridge. You know, building this bridge is a must for communication. Many people suffer for a long time to cross the river Padma. For this, the contemporary government takes the necessary steps to build that very bridge across the Padma bridge. And for this reason, Bangladesh Bridge Authority proposes pre-qualification for the project in April 2010. Indeed, the construction of the bridge was supposed to start around 2011 and was predicted to finish around 2015. It is a matter of great sorrow that some people associated with the project’s preparation the World Bank withdrew its commitment and at the same time, other donors followed it. Afterward, the Government of Bangladesh decided to build the bridge itself. 

Later on, China proposed to build the bridge by investing $2 billion, or 70 percent of the project’s cost. You know four companies such as China Major Bridge Engineering Company, Daelim-L&T JV, and Samsung C&T Corporation purchased the tender papers. Surprisingly only the Chinese company submitted their financial proposal around 24 April 2014. 

However, important progress was made in the construction of the Padma Multipurpose Bridge on 7 June 2014. China Major Bridge Engineering Company Ltd was finally selected to construct the long aspired bridge on the river Padma. You know the 6.15 km bridge cost destined ৳91.72 billion (US$1.1 billion).

Padma Bridge description

A team of international and national consultants led by AECOM designs the entire design of the vast Padma Bridge. You might have known that an international expert panel forms for the first major bridge project in Bangladesh. And the design and the complexity of the Padma Bridge have been solved a hundred percent at the eleventh hour. Firstly, you know out of the total 22 pillars of the bridge, twenty were solved earlier but it is a matter of great sorrow that the design of pillars no. 6 and 7 were stuck. Later on, the revised design of these two pillars was approved by the bridge authority. As a result of it, the project director namely Mr.Md. Shafuqul Islam becomes more optimistic about the speed of work. The dreamy Padma Bridge is being built with 42 pillars. The inauguration of the dreamy Padma bridge starts with pillar no. 6 at the end of Mawa. 

The Padma bridge is the longest in Bangladesh. The length of the main bridge is 6.15 km and the width is 21.10 m. The bridge is two-storied with vehicles going on the top and trans going below. The bridge is constructed of a combination of concrete and steel. You may know that China’s Sinhidro Corporation has been hired for river management. The bridge authority has given the task of developing roads and infrastructure connecting the two sides to Abdul Mamen Limited of Bangladesh. The Bangladesh Army, BUET, and Korea Expressway Corporation and Associates oversee the construction of the bridge. You know that 14 new stations were constructed in the Padma Bridge Rail Link project. On the other hand, it develops 6 existing stations in infrastructure. The new 14 stations’ names are Keraniganj, Nimatla, Srinagar, Mawa, Jajira, Shibchar, Bhanga Junction, Nagarkanda, Muksudpur, Maheshpur, Lahagarh, Narail, Jamdia, and Padma Beel. O Singia.

Pilling Problem

But a terrible complexity comes forward as soon as the work starts. Due to the difference in soil structure at the bottom of the river, pillars can not be erected in this part. You know, one pillar is being made with 6 poles of 124 meters in length. The piling depth of Padma Bridge is 363 feet and the height of the dreamy Padma bridge from the water level is 60 feet. The piling for each pillar is 6. You know the total number of pilings of Padma bridge is 264. Later on, the bridge was built by following the manner called screen grouting. For the first time, the authority applies this type of manner. No one has applied this type of manner anywhere in the world before. By sending chemicals to the bottom of the river through holes in the pipes from above, the strength of the soil has been increased. In this way, the pillars have been built on that ground. This application has been applied for the first time in Bangladesh. The small steel pipes weld with piles through this method. You know a type of chemical has been sent through the pope to the soil at the bottom of the river. Then the soil at the bottom gets hard under the influence of the chemicals. That soil becomes able to carry the load of the pile in course of time. By following these methods, then put the pile. 

Padma Multipurpose Bridge length and height 

You may know the size of the Padma Bridge. The length of the bridge is 6,15 km and the width of the bridge is 21.10m. The total number of dreamy Padma bridge pillars is 42. Among them, there are forty pillars in the river and only two are connected with bridges. You know that the number of piles is 264. There are 40 pillars inside the river that will have 6, a total number of 240. On the other hand, there are 40 pillars inside the river among 24 piles. On the pillars, 41 spans place. 

Padma Multipurpose Bridge Toll

Recently the government of Bangladesh has fixed the toll of dreamy Padma. It is at least 1.5 times higher than the average toll paid on ferries paying the Padma. According to the gazette, the total rates range from Tk 100 to Tk 6000 for different vehicles including motorcycles, cars, buses, trucks, and trailers. You know the toll rate for trains is yet to be fixed but it would likely be higher than the toll of Bangabandhu Bridge, according to officials. The road transport and bridge ministry says that the toll will come into effect whenever the dreamy bridge opens for traffic. At the same time, The road transport and bridges ministry said on May 11 that the bridge would be moved towards the last week of June.

According to the gazette, different kinds of toll rates are given below:

  • A motorcycle has to pay Tk 100
  • A car and a jeep have to pay Tk 750
  • A pick-up van has to pay Tk 1200
  • A microbus must pay Tk 1300
  • A minibus – Tk 1400
  • A medium bus – Tk 2000
  • A big bus – Tk 2400
  • A small truck – Tk 1600
  • A medium truck – Tk 1300
  • A medium truck – Tk 2100
  • A truck for ( 8 to 11 tonnes) – Tk 2800
  • Trucks up to three axles – Tk 5500
  • For trailers up to four axles Tk 6000
  • For trucks over four axles Tk 6000 plus
  • For additional axle Tk1500
  • The toll price of the train has not been fixed yet

Opening Date Of Padma Multipurpose Bridge 

After knowing the pros and cons of the dreamy bridge, a question must come to your mind: when will the bridge open its gate. It is a matter of joy that the dreamy Padma Bridge is going to be inaugurated on Saturday, June 25 as the Road Transport and Bridge Minister says. Actually, the people of Bangladesh are waiting for the inauguration with great interest no doubt.

Padma Bridge Contracted Company 

You know the government of Bangladesh and the Chinese company ‘ China Major Bridge Company’ signed a treaty for the construction of the dreamy Padma Bridge. As the lowest bidder, the Chinese company gets the work order for the dreamy Padma bridge. More than 40 companies took part in the tender for pre-qualification when the first tender was called for the construction of the dreamy Padma bridge. Five of these companies were selected under the supervision of the World Bank, JICA, and ADB. Due to World Bank objections, one company dropped later. Soon after, the Chinese company only submits financial proposals.  

Padma Bridge’s economical importance

The economical importance of the dreamy Padma Bridge is noticeable. You know Padma bridge must change the fate of the people of twenty-one districts both in the south and south-west of the country no doubt. At the same time, the food prices in Dhaka will be reasonable. The GDP of the country will grow rapidly. The importance of the Padma Bridge in the economy of Bangladesh is mentioned below:

Padme Bridge Poverty Alleviation Role

You know the poverty rate in Bangladesh was about 80 percent in 1971. Recently you know the poverty rate in the country is 23.24. At the same time, the extreme poverty rate is 12.9 percent. The government of Bangladesh’s aim is to build a poverty-free Bangladesh through the construction of the Padma bridge. And at the same time, the government will implement other projects to achieve the goal. Goods can be transported to Dhaka at a low cost with 21 districts after the construction of the bridge. Consequently, daily commodity prices will rise in those areas. That’s why the people of that area will be encouraged to produce more food. In this way, poverty will be rapidly reduced no doubt. 

Communication System Improvement

You often notice hundreds of buses and trucks parking for houses at Paturia, Daulatdia, Mawa, Jajira Gat through the news of print and electronic media. As soon as the bridge opens, it becomes easier with Dhaka in less time and for less money. You know there is a rail connection to the Padma Bridge. With the railway service, the communication system becomes more dynamic and convenient without no hesitation. 

Improvement in Agriculture

It is known to you that the southwestern part of the country developed in agriculture. Jessore is famous for flower cultivation. It is famous all over the country and neighbor countries. A lot of paddies grow in Barisal. In Faridpur, Madaripur, and Gopalganj, a lot of jute is produced. To transport these products is both time-consuming and expensive. Crores of Taka are lost because of rotting agriculture many times. At this, most of the farmers lose their interest in production. With the inauguration of this bridge, agricultural production will increase day by day. 

The Benefit of The Industrial Sector

Padma Bridge will play a vital role in the development of the industrial sector in a full swing. Most of the raw material will come from the southern and south-western districts as soon as the vehicles’ movement starts. As a result of it, the industries of Dhaka and Chottragram will suffer from the raw material crisis no more. At the same time, the conveyance cost of raw materials will be reduced many times over. The home’s industrial establishments will continue to grow day by day. 

Political Improvement

So, after constructing the bridge, the contemporary government will be very much benefited politically no doubt. You know the construction of the bridge over the Padma river was a political commitment of the government. Most of the votes in the south and south-west of the country will go to the contemporary government who built the mentioned bridge. As a government, the Awami League will get the chance to show the Padma Bridge as a success. 

Global Reputation

After the construction of the bridge, it will be the largest bridge in Bangladesh. Among the top 10 bridges in the world, Padma Bridge will be counted. You know the bridge has been built with Bangladesh’s funds. You know that the debt with the World Bank was discussed all over the world. You know the present government will be able to recognize its capabilities and success soon after its inauguration. Criticism towards the World Bank will increase. As a result, the diplomatic success of the present government will be recognized.  

The Negative Impact of it

You know, there are also some negative aspects of Padma Bridge along with the positive aspects. Some people on both sides will lose their jobs. Launch, steamer, and ferry owners’ business will be lessened. Because of building new cities on both sides of the bridge, chaos can happen. The employment problem of poor people in the area may rise. Actually, the balance of the environment can be spoiled. You know there is no lack of enthusiasm for the Padma Bridge. It is a matter of great sorrow that small traders and hawkers at Paturia Ferry Ghat are worried about their daily income. 

After opening the bridge, Feri will not need as much as before. Besides Paruria and Doulotdia ghat, many shops like hawkers markets, hotels, grocery shops, and passer-by shops cannot sell their products like before. People will not use Feri because of the Padma bridge. So, People will not need to buy any food as before. According to the businessman, two hundred tea stalls are almost there. About 500 people earn their living in this shop. They become helpless, hopeless, and jobless. Most of the family will fall into a financial crisis. About 100 passer-by food stalls may be at risk. Many shopkeepers have been doing this profession for twenty years. So Many people’s livelihoods may face difficulty there. It is not saying now what will happen next.

Padma Bridge budget 

The budget of Padma Bridge passed 10 thousand 181 crores in 2006. Later on, the Awami League government-connected railways on January 11, 2011. Because of the connecting railway, the cost was estimated at 20 thousand 508 cores in the first phase. After the World Bank’s withdrawal from the bridge project in 2021, the Bangladesh government decided to build the bridge with its own funds. 

At present, the total cost of the bridge is 30,193,39 cores. The costs include construction of bridge infrastructure, river governance, salaries and allowance, maintenance, and the like. The government has given a loan of Tk 29,793 crore for the construction of the bridge according to the agreement of the bridge department with the finance department of Bangladesh. The bridge authority decided to pay the interest rate at the rate of 1 percent of the total budget within 35 years. Finally, the total cost becomes 30 thousand 193 cores. The pillars of the bridge are 42. 

Padma River Description

You would like to know about the Padma river, isn’t it? You know the Ganges river originates from the Gangotri in the Himalayas. The river enters Bangladesh through the Rajshahi district. And from where the river is named the Padma. You know that the Padma is the biggest river in Bangladesh. It is the second-longest river in Bangladesh. Rajshahi is an important division in Bangladesh. It is located on the north bank of the Padma river near the Bangladesh- India border. You may want to know the length of the river Padma. The depth of the Padma is 1561 feet and the average depth is 96 feet. The length of this river in Bangladesh is 120 km. The width is 10 km. The nature of the river is serpentine. By going through the novel “ Padma Nadir Majhi,” you can understand the river and people’s way of life and suffer very well. The novel nicely depicts the lives of poor fishermen who live in several villages in the river area far from the city. 

The Best Bridges Rank in The World 

China possesses seven of the top ten bridges in the list of longest bridges. Leaving behind the Aland Bridge of Sweden, the Padma Bridge has come to the 122nd position, in terms of length. Actually, this bridge is the 25 longest road bridge in the world according to the Highways minister. This bridge will be ranked top in respect of the length and depth of its foundation and 25th in length among the largest river bridges all over the world. 

Padma Bridge Location

A question may arise in your mind. Which districts are the Padma Bridge located? You know the answer cannot be given precisely because of the bridges spreading across different districts. Padma Bridge’s location is Munshiganj, Shariatpur, and Madaripur. 

To sum up, we can say that Padma Bridge will bring a tremendous change to Bangladesh. With the inauguration of the bridge, factories, garments, and godowns will be set up in the southwestern part of the country. Foreigners invest in those areas. The wheel of the economy will be more dynamic. New forces will come in trade and commerce. The life of the people in that area will improve no doubt. The dream of Bengalis will be fulfilled which will change the face of the economy. The dreamy bridge not only changes the fate of people living there but also changes the fate of whole people in the country.