Colonoscopy is a test to check for diseases in the colon. It is an endoscopic exam that helps in the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of tumors or polyps that are in the large intestine. It can help detect cancers or other problems that may be present in these areas. A Colonoscopy also helps to diagnose inflammatory bowel disease, diverticulitis, ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease, constipation, bacterial infection, or haemorrhoids. 

A long, flexible tube (colonoscope) is introduced into the rectum during a colonoscopy. The doctor can see the whole interior of the colon thanks to a tiny video camera at the tip of the tube. A colonoscopy is an essential first step in avoiding colon cancer. That is why it is critical to select the proper professional. This piece will assist you in choosing the Best Colonoscopy Doctors in Dhaka.

Before you even start looking for a Colonoscopy doctor, it is important to have an idea of the cost of one. Many local hospitals don’t list prices online so these numbers will vary by location.  

Because a colonoscopy is an intrusive procedure, you should trust your colonoscopy doctor and have faith in their ability to detect possible colon cancer symptoms to lower your risk of disease development. To begin, confirm that the physician is board-certified to do colonoscopies. Also, check his credentials and expertise. The more a doctor has expertise with a specific illness or approach, the more successful your therapy is. You can ask your doctor for ideas and accept advice from relatives or friends.

A list of the best colonoscopy doctors in Dhaka is given below.

Dr. Md. Ahsan Habib


Dr. Sadia Armin Khan


Prof. Dr. Zahidul Haq


Prof. Dr. Salma Sultana


The factors you will need to consider when choosing the best Colonoscopy doctor are: 

1. Location – Make sure that you pick a doctor that is conveniently located near you. 

2. Types of Colonoscopy doctors – There are two main types: local and general. A local doctor will be near the hospital where you will have your procedure done whereas a general doctor has privileges at several different hospitals so they can do the examination anywhere. This can be very convenient if you are not familiar with the area.

3. Experience – You will want to choose a doctor that has done hundreds of Colonoscopy procedures in their career. The more experience they have, the higher the chance they will find something during your examination. Finding a doctor with plenty of experience is critical because your life may depend on their knowledge and skill.

4. Credentials – Make sure that your doctor is certified by the medical board of your state. The qualifications, certifications, and education that doctors have. This information can usually be found online or at the hospital itself.

5. Patient reviews – These are valuable resources for finding out who an individual would recommend and who to avoid. Reading what past patients of a certain doctor had to say about their experience is another good way to find out how good they are.

6. Results: Checking the past results for Colonoscopies that have been performed at this hospital is important. Results are available both online and in the hospital’s patient office.

7. Staff Patient Ratio: The amount of staff that works for the hospital compared to how many patients they see per day.

8. Specialties the doctor has: The number of specialties that doctors have will help you get an idea of how comprehensive their services are.

9. Office hours: Some people prefer doctors with limited office hours because this makes it easier for them to get appointments. If you’re one of these people, having a list of the doctor’s open hours is key.

10. Technology Used During Your Exam: This is another factor that needs to be considered because newer equipment can provide better images or analysis.

11. Affordability:  While some doctors are more experienced, they may charge higher prices. Others may have lower prices but less experience, so you will want to decide what is most important before choosing one.

12. Approachability: The doctor should have a friendly demeanour and be easy to talk to in order to create a more relaxed environment before your exam.

In order to find the best Colonoscopy doctor for you, you should consider all of these points before making a final decision. This way, not only will you know that you have made a good choice, but your colonoscopy will go as smoothly as possible.

Since colonoscopy is a procedure done in an intimate area, consider the gender of the doctor. Your comfort must be of the utmost priority since it highly impacts the process. Choose a colonoscopy doctor with whom you feel comfortable and ready to assist you with your questions. Finally, read patient reviews to make sure the consultation prices are reasonable.