best Dietician in Dhaka

Everyone knows that today’s lifestyle is so busy. To pursue our careers, we have to work overtime, which leaves us with little energy for exercise or any other recreational activities.  Moreover, on average, we are spending our life sitting in front of computers.

As a result, obesity has become very common these days. Many of us know that it is one of the major causes behind some chronic diseases like diabetes and heart disease. Even those who are not obese are vulnerable to developing related health problems as they grow older. An overall healthy diet with nutrition is essential. 

Having great health has numerous advantages since you will not fall ill, allowing you to spend you might have spent the time and energy you would have spent in hospitals on more essential things. However, you will need the assistance of a dietitian to ensure that you will be able to follow the correct diet. The Best Dieticians in Dhaka are included in this article.

We all know that food has a great impact on our health. Dieticians help us understand how food affects our bodies, and what kind of food is good for us. They also guide people about the right foods to choose. Dieticians are very important for those who want to lose weight or maintain healthy body weight.

It’s critical to identify your needs before beginning your search for a dietician. Are you trying to shed some pounds or manage a medical condition? Do you want to improve the health of your gut? Dieticians may assist with various concerns, but some specialize in areas that may be better aligned with your objectives. Check to see if the health experts you’re consulting are appropriately qualified and accredited to assist you.

Below is a list of the Best Dieticians in Dhaka. 

Shamsunnahar Nahid


Aysha Siddika


Ms. Tamanna Chowdhury


Ummy Salma Munni


Here are some tips to find the best dietician in Dhaka:

1. Ask your relatives and friends

This is the easiest way to find a dietician. Ask your family members, friends or co-workers about any good dietician who can help you with weight loss or maintain that perfect body weight. The dietician could be an individual professional or part of a well-known organization like the World Health Organization (WHO).

2.  Search the internet

This is another reliable way of finding a good dietician. You can search online in order to know about some reputable organizations in Dhaka that offer guidance on healthy eating or nutrition counselling services. Also, you can find out whether they have accredited dieticians on board with proper qualifications and certification.

3. Look for health websites 

Find out if any of the health-related websites have a list of recommended dieticians in your city. Some popular health websites always carry updated content on various kinds of topics related to food, healthy eating, and nutrition counselling.

4. Attend workshops or seminars

Some renowned organizations invite dieticians for their workshops, seminars or conferences where they give lectures or conduct sessions on healthy eating. Attend one of these events if possible, and you will have the opportunity to meet various nutrition experts in person.

5. Look at medical journals 

Publishing services are another good source for finding dieticians. These companies regularly publish books or magazines that discuss various topics related to food, health, or nutrition counselling. Browse through the list of dieticians who have worked on these projects.

6.  Consult your doctor

Your GP or family physician is always a good starting point for finding a dietician. Tell the doctor about your needs and he/she will recommend you to anyone who can fulfil those requirements as far as dietary advice is concerned.

7.  Look for dietician’s associations 

Dieticians often like to group together in order to create awareness about healthy eating and proper nutrition. You can find out about these associations by reading their magazines or websites or even through your contacts with hospitals, educational institutions, etc. These organizations also maintain lists of dieticians according to different categories like weight loss experts, diabetes experts, etc. Use these resources to find the best dietician in Dhaka.

When looking for the best dietician, consider their business plan; if it entails selling you many pricey items, you may want to reconsider. Whole foods, menu planning, managing cravings, and troubleshooting difficulties are priorities for a recognized dietician. When it comes to their expertise and qualifications, reputable dietitians will be forthright and upfront. As a result, before consulting them, make sure to examine their experience. For more information, you may read patient reviews. 

Once you have chosen a qualified and experienced dietician (or group of dieticians and nutrition experts), always remember that you should be very honest with them about your daily food habits and lifestyle choices. This will enable them to provide you with tailored advice for meeting your health and dietary requirements.

Choosing a dietician is a highly personal decision, and the best dietician for you is one who understands your objectives and with whom you feel at ease. You’re off to a fantastic start if their coaching abilities and counselling approach resonate with you. You may need dermatologist for your skin problem, Here is list of best dermatologist in Dhaka.