Best Hematologists in Dhaka

Hematology is a branch of medical science that deals with diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of diseases related to blood. It is an independent medical specialty in which hematologists are trained.

There are many types of illnesses that affect the body’s fluid or are concerned with blood. The term hemato refers to the Latin word for blood. Diseases related to blood can be detected with a microscope or through a stethoscope.

The severity of the illness depends on the type, number, and size of cells that are damaged. It also depends on their functions. As red blood cells carry oxygen, platelets help in clotting while white blood cells support immunity.

A hematologist can be distinguished from other physicians by their strong interest in blood related diseases, but they can also approach diagnosis and treatment of other diseases.

It might be upsetting to learn that you need to see a hematologist. When most people hear the term hematologist, they immediately think of cancer, but a hematologist may treat individuals with various blood problems. Selecting a hematologist is a matter of personal choice, and it is critical that you choose the appropriate one for you. This piece will assist you in making your decision by presenting the Best Hematologist in Dhaka.

Begin with a list of suggestions from your general practitioner. You may add to this list by seeking guidance from relatives, friends, and other health professionals. When selecting the best hematologist, one of the most crucial aspects to consider is board certification. When dealing with a blood illness or issue, the more expertise a hematologist has with a disease or therapy, the greater your chances of a successful outcome.

Professor Dr. M A Khan


Professor Dr. Md. Moniruzzaman


Professor Dr. Alamgir Kabir


Dr. Md. Anwarul Karim


Prof. Dr. Md. Abdul Aziz


Here are some things that you will need to consider:

1. Patient’s Condition and Needs – The first thing that you should look for in a hematologist is their ability to treat your illness or condition successfully. Don’t forget to ask for proofs of successful treatments they have done before, such as pictures and videos.

2. Costs of Treatment – It is important to understand your financial power in order to determine the cost of treatment. It is highly recommended that you get quotes from several hematologists before making your choice.

3. Location – Choose a hematologist that is close to where you live or work, because traveling back and forth can be time-consuming and inconvenient.

4. Certification – Make sure that the hematologist is certified for them to be able to diagnose and treat you correctly.

5. Reviews – Check online reviews of the hematologists in your area, which will give you an idea on their ability to handle patients with similar conditions as yours.

6.  Practicing for Longer Periods – When choosing a hematologist, you should always choose the one that has been practicing in the field for several years. This ensures not only his/her level of expertise but also your safety.

7. Join an Association – Joining special interest groups is beneficial to patients seeking treatment from a hematologist because you can discuss your condition with others who are suffering from the same illness. You will be able to benefit from their experience and knowledge of doctors in your area.

8. Languages Spoken – Being comfortable with the language used in discussing your illness with your hematologist is important, so choose one that speaks a language you can understand.

9. Accreditation – Exposure to various cases is an indication of the hematologist’s experience in treating patients with blood-related illnesses. This can be done through seminars, conferences, courses, and workshops that are available locally or abroad.

10. Reputation – Reputation among patients is one way of knowing if a hematologist has what it takes to diagnose and treat your illness. You can ask friends or family about hematologists in your area that they may have used before.

The Best Hematologist in Dhaka should be able to treat you with success, at an affordable cost. Their location should be near your place of residence or work. They should also have up-to-date certification and proof of their past successes.

Since you will require to disclose personal details with your hematologist, it is critical that you feel at ease with their gender. Consider the level of care available at the hospital where the hematologist may be found. You care about hospital quality because patients at top-rated facilities have fewer problems and have a higher chance of surviving.

Find the best hematologist for you who is interested in learning about you, will take your treatment choices into account, and will respect your decision-making procedure. Examine the patient evaluations since they usually represent people’s experiences with arranging appointments, wait times, the office atmosphere, and the politeness of the office employees. Finally, be sure the consultation prices are within your budget. If you need Hepatologist, Here is the list of best hepatologists in Dhaka,