Best Neurologist in Dhaka

A neurologist is a practitioner involved in detecting and therapy brain, muscle, or peripheral diseases. The neurologist works together with a neurosurgeon and other medical professionals. The work includes diagnosing, treating, and managing any disease that affects the nervous system such as epilepsy, dementia, brain tumour, etc. They also work on the rehabilitation of a patient after a serious injury to the nervous system.

Experience and knowledge from the finest neurologists can enable you to best cure neurological impairments. When you determine that it is important for a neurologist to be visited, you have another crucial choice: choosing the finest neurologist for yourself or your family member. 

In Bangladesh, there are several leading Neurologists from Dhaka, but it becomes difficult for those who are looking for neurologist recommendations to find the best.  This post will assist you in selecting the Best Neurologist in Dhaka.

Begin by checking your general practitioner’s reference list. You may add to this list by asking for suggestions from family, friends, and other care providers. One of the significant aspects to consider while seeking the best neurologist is board accreditation. It shows you that the doctor is trained, qualified, and experienced in the neurological treatment.

The Best Neurologists in Dhaka are listed below. 

Dr. Abu Nasar Rizvi


Professor Dr. M A Hannan


Professor Dr. A.K.M. Anwar Ullah


Professor Dr. Syed Wahidur Rahman


Professor Dr. Md. Amirul Haque


Prof. Dr. Md. Abdul Hayee


Professor Dr. Mansur Habib


Here are a few things you need to check when searching for a neurologist:

1. Experience

A practicing neurologist should have several years of experience if possible after completing their graduation from a reputed university. The experienced neurologist knows how to diagnose and treat your problem correctly. It is important because the treatment becomes expensive, and you don’t want to waste money and time on unnecessary treatments or tests by inexperienced doctors. You will consider this factor while searching for a neurologist.

2. Hospital affiliation

You are supposed to check if the neurologist provides services at a hospital or clinic where you prefer to get treated. Even though it is not necessary that you need to go there but your doctor will tell you which hospital is best for your treatment requirements.

3. Membership of any organization

A neurologist should be a part of any leading organization or council. They have developed their knowledge by participating in seminars on neurological disorders and providing patients with the best treatment which is expected from a good Neurologist.

4. Reviews, testimonials, and referrals from past patients

You can find several reviews, testimonials, and referrals from the past patients of a neurologist. You should explore this opportunity and know about their patients’ experience while receiving treatment from that Neurologist.

5. Privacy and Communication

A good Neurologist will maintain your privacy because it is important to make you comfortable during any mental or physical disorder. If possible, meet the neurologist privately once to check if they are providing the best possible treatment and if you feel comfortable during your discussion. A neurologist should be able to communicate in a way that makes you feel comfortable and not rush into any diagnosing or testing.

6. Approach towards patients

A Neurologist’s approach is important for a patient because it determines whether the doctor knows how to treat your problems. A good neurologist will explain to you in detail about your problem and test results, adding that knowledge with their experience can assist you in making the best decision for your treatment.

7. The cost of diagnosis and treatment

The cost is another important factor when choosing a Neurologist because you cannot ignore this factor while choosing someone qualified enough to treat you. Before finalizing a neurologist, ask about the tests and procedures they will carry out in your treatment and how much it is going to cost for this service.

8. Your requirements

You should be aware of your requirements before choosing any doctor because if the doctor doesn’t give you what you need then there is no use in choosing that doctor. So, you should tell them what exactly you want from your neurologist.

These are a few factors you should definitely check while choosing a neurologist.

Experience counts when you face possibly severe neurological difficulties. The longer a neurologist has expertise with a disease or operation, the better your outcomes are. Ask the neurologist about their latest training and expertise, especially in connection with your illness and multiple partners. Assess the level of treatment available to patients at the hospital.

Select the best neurologist with whom you can communicate and who understands your requirements for information. Neurological conditions are complicated and require precise and trustworthy discussions between patients and neurologists. Go through patient evaluations because it usually represents people’s encounters with scheduling arrangements, waiting times, the working atmosphere, and friendly office personnel. Check your costs for your consultation.