• Gulshan, Dhaka

If you want to ensure better transportation for your patient, hiring an AC ambulance Service is essential. Although budget can be a factor in such a case, the benefits are noticeable. 


Look, traffic jams are one of the major issues in Bangladesh, and we might need to wait for an hour after hour on the road. In such a case, the air condition feature will play a vital role in keeping your patient body gentle. 

On the other hand, if you hire a non-AC vehicle, Your patient’s body may get worse due to the harmful environment. The best solution is to call this number 01405 600 700 and hire an air condition supported vehicle.

  • Discount: Discount is only applicable for those patients who are financially penurious or current don’t have the ability to manage the rent for the service
  • Free Oxygen: In this case, everyone is equal in our eyes, meaning all of our customers will get the free Oxygen facility while transporting the patient from one hospital/place to another hospital/place.
  • Multiple and 24/7 Services: We're capable of offering multiple ambulance services from one hub. From road ambulance to air ambulance, we have everything to meet the ambulance-related requirements.

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