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We are the International Referral Office of Bumrungrad Hospital in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Bumrungrad Hospital Dhaka Office provides Doctor Appointments, Medical Records Transfer, Hospital Admissions, Visa Processing, Air Ticket Booking, Airport Transfer, Accommodation, Language Interpreter, Transfer Money for Treatment, Holidays After The Treatment, Post Treatment Support, and Air Ambulance as per customer need and maintains its daily procedures in Dhaka, Bangladesh as an official agent. Bumrungrad International Hospital is an International approved hospital founded in 1980 in the center of Bangkok, Thailand.

Surecell Medical BD Ltd. is an exclusive partner, information, and authentic Referral Office (RO) of Bumrungrad Hospital Bangladesh Office. Since 2018, Surecell has been working very closely and has catered to thousands of patients according to their needs, especially during critical times. Focusing our services as the exclusive partner of Thailand’s No. 1 Hospital, Preferred Doctor Appointments and Providing Visa Invitations for Patients, Providing Treatment plans & Cost Estimation, Medical Records Transfer, Tele-Medicine Services, Direct Hospital Admission, Arranging Local Accommodation for the patient in Thailand, Airport Transfer, Language Interpreter Services and etc. One of the most important and experienced services, we are the fastest and most professional “Air Ambulance Service” provider in the country. We have almost 100 successful bed-to-bed transfer cases with expert doctor consultation and support from all over the country.

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