Dum Ladhidh Uttara
Kacchi Biriyani, the king of south Asian cuisine.
We, Dum Ladhidh are working with Kacchi. We want to serve our customers with the most beautiful and aesthetic plate of Kacchi!
  • Special Mutton Kachhi
  • Regular Mutton Kachhi
  • Kachhi Platter
  • Khandani Bonanza
  • Add-ons
  • Beverage

Business Hours

Sorry, we are currently closed.
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Saturday12:00 pm11:00 pm
Sunday12:00 pm11:00 pm
Monday12:00 pm11:00 pm
Tuesday12:00 pm11:00 pm
Wednesday12:00 pm11:00 pm
Thursday12:00 pm11:00 pm
Friday12:00 pm11:00 pm

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