Haji Biriyani Banani
  • Banani, Dhaka
A prominent and famous cuisine of Old Dhaka since 1939 #HajiBiriyani
Per plate 200tk
Per leaf Packet 200tk
Per Special Box 300tk ( One & Half Plate)
The business was started on 1939 by a cook named Haji Mohammad Hossain. After Haji Mohammad Hossain died in 1992, his son, Haji Mohammad Golam Hossain took over and continued the family business without making any changes in style and tradition. By the passage of time Haji Mohammad Golam became tired by running the family business and finally handed over the business to his son, Haji Mohammad Shahed and Haji Bappy.
The recipe includes highly seasoned Rice, Mutton, Mustard oil, Garlic, Onion, Black pepper, Saffron, Clove, Cardamom, Cinnamon, Salt, Lemon, Yogurt, Peanuts, Cream, Raisin and small amount of Cheese (either Cow or Buffalo). The recipe has been handed over the founder of the restaurant to his next generation. Haji Mohammad Shahed claimed that,“I have never changed anything, not even the amount of salt
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We are inviting you to take a taste of this famous Briyani of Old Dhaka.The Briyani was serve in a pot made of dried leaves which is unique and traditional way.
The Haji Biriyani is run only by the owner in order to maintain the taste. Haji Mohammad Hossain, Haji Mohammad Golam Hossain had the motto of keeping the business within the family. So, the restaurant is run by the grandson of the founder(Haji Mohammad Hossain) of the restaurant. The annual income of the restaurant is approximately $28.5 million and the annual profit tends to be about $15.7 million
During the delivery service the food is packed in a plate made of dried leaves. **However, until the second generation of the restaurant the customers had to stand in a long queue to take away because the restaurant did not provide home delivery facility. From 2014 the restaurant updated their service by adding home delivery and catering service.
Branches of Hazi Briyani
70 kazi allauddin road (Old Dhaka)
(NB:The Admin of this page doesn’t create this page to abuse anyone ,the page is created to help Everyone who doesn’t know the real Haji Biriyani and its Outlets.
  • Per plate 200tk
  • Per leaf Packet 200tk
  • Per Special Box 300tk
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