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The Bachelor of Social Science (Honours) programme in Journalism, Communication and Media Studies (JCMS) at the State University of Bangladesh has been designed for imparting comprehensive learning of the principles, dynamics and techniques of media, communication and journalism. Rigorous theoretical and hands-on practice in the fields of human communication, media and journalism will function as the basis of course operation. The students undergoing the aforesaid academic curriculum will be equipped with theories, practical know-hows and essential skills required for developing themselves as appropriate professionals in any branch of communication, media and journalism. The program opts to impart the learners most modern and inclusive education in the aforesaid fields with a view to preparing themselves as competent professionals to meet the demand of expanding national and international electronic and print media market as well as in the fields of development and corporate communication.

In short, it is all about empowering a person with the latest and finest set of social skills.

  • To produce skilled professionals to manage the affairs of newspaper and media organizations.
  • To manage the communication affairs of different national and international development organizations and corporate houses.
  • To strengthen students’ theoretical and practical knowledge of Communication, Journalism and Media to enable them to act in real life with maturity and skills.
  • To impart scientific knowledge for identification, selection and preparation of news, communication and other media contents.
  • To encourage research in the fields of media, journalism, communication and development.

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