• Gulshan, Dhaka

Inspired by the world’s first coffee shop Kiva Han opened around 1475, in Constantinople, Turkey. An enthused gathering of coffee drinkers and fusion food lovers. A place where intellects, professionals, artists and youth throng together.

  • Binto Bow
  • Chow mien
  • Pasta/Burger
  • Dimsum
  • Cakes
  • Coffee

Business Hours

We are currently open.
  Open   Close
Saturday10:00 am3:00 am
Sunday10:00 am3:00 am
Monday10:00 am3:00 am
Tuesday10:00 am3:00 am
Wednesday10:00 am3:00 am
Thursday10:00 am3:00 am
Friday10:00 am3:00 am

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