• Cox Bazar

Niribili Orchid is a tradition Bengali restaurant in Cox’s Bazar. It is a family run restaurant, which specializes in amazing local delicacies such as bhorta, fried Rupchanda, special beef Khichury and mezbani gosht.

  • Vaat/Daal/Vorta
  • Chicken/Beef/Mutto
  • Various Sea Fishes
  • Briyani
  • BBQ
  • Tea/Beverage

Business Hours

We are currently open.
  Open   Close
Saturday7:00 am11:30 pm
Sunday7:00 am11:30 pm
Monday7:00 am11:30 pm
Tuesday7:00 am11:30 pm
Wednesday7:00 am11:30 pm
Thursday7:00 am11:30 pm
Friday7:00 am11:30 pm

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