The Green Lounge Bailey Road
Experience the cityescape, loose yourself in the moment, wrapped under the mellow tones of warm lights, indulging in the aesthetics of fine architect and finer culinary finesse.
Presenting a complete culinary experience from The Green Lounge Bailey Road.
The Green Lounge Bailey Road is built with a mission to present the perfect city escape, a venue of bliss for all your culinary cravings.
With a team of globally trained chefs and a promise of quality service, we aim to provide the most splendid dining experience that touches the heart.
Come in to loose yourself through the spirals of the stairs and your taste buds to the taste of our dishes.
  • Feast Platters
  • Meat and Bird
  • Seafood
  • Rice & Noodles
  • Small Eats
  • Salad

Business Hours

Sorry, we are currently closed.
  Open   Close
Saturday7:00 am10:30 pm
Sunday7:00 am10:30 pm
Monday7:00 am10:30 pm
Tuesday7:00 am10:30 pm
Wednesday7:00 am10:30 pm
Thursday7:00 am10:30 pm
Friday7:00 am10:30 pm

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