You may know that Rokomari is a collection of numerous online books of different branches. It has almost 50 categories of various collections from which a reader can easily find his desired book without any hardship. Most probably, it is the first online bookseller website. This online bookseller website assists the publisher with the reader also. It started its journey in 2012. Some young people namely Mahamudul Hasan, Sohag, Abul Hasan Liton Ahatesal Samus Rakib, Junaid Bin Amin and Md. Khairul Anam Cino dreams of having an online bookseller website through which readers can receive books in remote areas of the country. They made this website so that people of your country can enlighten themselves with the essence of books. To achieve this goal, they work hard undoubtedly. Let us know how this website assists readers and its different categories of books.

In this blog you will get all information about the

Islamic Book in Rokomari website

Because of online bookseller services, the readers can get different kinds of Islamic books. Islamic book provides a comprehensive overview of Islamic life. This kind of book is replete with the provision of living. You may know, that there are a lot of people in the world who are Muslim in religion. To lead a life with the rule and regulations of Islam, many Muslims go through different kinds of Islamic books. Once, readers are to search from library to library. It is a matter of great sorrow that they have to waste their valuable time. In this case, Rokomari plays a vital role in getting desired books. If you read different Islamic books, you only have to click on the mentioned book and pay the money through online payment methods. Some mentionable books are the Biography of Muhammad and Rakhkul Makhtum, Reason of Breaking Islam and Faith, Islamic Knowledge in Question and Answer, Quran and Tafsir, and the like. 

Get The Best Novel Collections:

You may know all types of novel books on this website without any hardship. A novel is a long narrative fiction of significant length and complexity that deals with human experiences. By reading this, we can gain more deeply imaginative lives than our own. To achieve different essence of life, many readers cling to the novel. You know, many novels exist all over the world. Rokomari arranges a category of novel books. They provide us with a good collection of novels book for you. For this, you have only to write the names of the books in the search options. As soon as you press your desired books will come on your laptop, computer, tab, and mobile screen.   

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History Boooks in

The online bookseller website, Rokomari, is replete with different history books. You know that history repeats itself. Reading history, you can learn about the past events and work of different ages. After going through the books, you can get information about many past people. They made many things for the betterment of the next generation. They invented many things for upcoming people in the world. A man can learn many things by going through history. In this way, readers can know about the past. After knowing about the past, he can apply this to our life. Rokomari, in this way, collects different history books for their readers. Readers can also search for their desired book through this website. 

Best Seller Book

Every year some writers come towards the first line due to a book-selling report. Besides, you might have known that Bangla academy arranges a book fair by the name of Ekushey Boi Mella. By browsing Rokomari, you can get information about the best-selling books. You know, there must be something exceptional in that book. By reading these best-selling books, you will be highly aware of the information given these books. Arif Azab was selected in first place for selling many books in 2017. According to the report of Rokomari, Nasim has to give up his position to Arif Azad for his Islamic book. On the other hand, Sadat Hossain came up in the top three again. By browsing this website, a reader can come in contact with this kind of information. 

Science Book

You know, a science book is a work of nonfiction. A novel writes scientists, researchers, and professors like Stephen Hawking. Scientific books express explanations and disciplines. There are various kinds of science books. These books divide into many ways. A popular science book can be read easily. There is a similarity between the language of popular science books with the magazine’s language. Its language is similar to our daily conversational language. Secondly, there are some types of books called semi pop books. Again our text science book is going through in our Academy. The importance of science books is many. Rokomari provides us with science books such as pop science books, semi-science books, and textbooks.

Book Related Information Technology

You know many people in our country are jobless. Because of having a degree, they cannot get their desired jobs. The reason why they are running after online work. They are finding jobs in Upwork. Freelancer and Fiverr and the like. It is a matter of great sorrow that they do not know how to start. They must watch youtube videos, but they cannot get the right way. To earn online, you have to learn about office programs such as Ms word, Xl, Powerpoint, and Data entry. At the same time, you have to learn how to browse the internet, for example, chrome, and Mozilla. At the same time, you must learn how to handle clients through conversation. You have to know how to make a profile for working, and so on. There are a lot of answers to your question in books written by successful freelancers. This website makes a valuable contribution to it. By clicking on it, you can get freelancer-related books like The Story of Becoming Freelancer, Freelancer Guru, and the like. 

Discount Book

Rokomari keeps an unbelievable discount on books often. By browsing this online book-selling website, you can get a discount for buying books. Not only that, sometimes you can buy books at surprising prices. So, it is needless to mention that Rokomari indeed assists its reader for reading the book.

Book of west Bengal

By browsing the website, you can buy books outside the border. You know, the majority of Bangalee live in Kolkata. The people of Kolkata speak the Bangla language. They are doing everything in Bangla languages. They write their literature in the Bangla language. You will be happy to know that Rokomari makes a bridge between East Bengal and West Bengal through this website. By going through this website, the readers of East Bengal and the readers of West Bengal can read each other books without any difficulty. There are a lot of well-reputed writers in West Bengal. Actually, by reading their literature, you can come to know their literature. Similarly, they can get the chance to go through our literature too. In this case, the contribution of the website is noticeable. 

Best Children Books in Rokomari

You know that children’s books discuss many different topics. It can develop children’s critical thinking skills. By reading this category’s book, a child gathers knowledge of all types of subjects and concepts. It builds up a child’s understanding of humanity and the world around them. By reading this type of book, your child can make use of their imaginations to explore people, times, and the events beyond their own experiences no doubt. There are several books on the website from which you can purchase them without difficulty. “My Dangerous Mother, Goodwill Factor, Babu, Never Stop Learning” are mentionable. 

Self-Developmental Book

If you would like to enrich yourself, first of all, you have to increase your willpower. You have to increase your mental ability. Self-development consists of personal capabilities and potential, human capital, facilitating employability, quality of life, and the realization of dreams and aspirations. By developing yourself, you can be able to succeed in life. In this case, you may go through the self-developmental books. You find in Rokomari a good number of motivational books. To get success, there is no alternative way but to go through motivational books. The importance of self -development is one of the most important elements of being successful. This motivational book can easily be found on these websites. 

Book related Politics

You know that politics undoubtedly made a valuable contribution to forming a state. Because of having political parties, people, in general, can uphold their likings and dislikings, different kinds of demands. Politics agrees with people to live together in groups such as tribes, cities, or countries. Being a human, everyone should read political books. Indeed, political books inform the readers of their rights, voting necessity, national interest, home, and abroad.

To know about politics, everyone should go through the political books.On this website, you can find many noticeable books such as ” The Republic by Plato, Social Contract by Jean Jacque Rousseau, and Mode of Production by Karl Marks.

Stationery Items on Rokomari

Besides, you can find a lot of stationery items here on the websites. By browsing this website, you can easily purchase calculators, tutorial videos, pen, paper, whiteboard, paper, duster, pencil, note pads, scales, Marker, mouse pad, Ink, A4 paper, handwriting copy, and so on. In this way, the authority of this website beautifully arranges the things related to education. 

Institution’s order

Rokomari became popular for its delivery of textbooks from different institutions such as schools, colleges, Madrasha, universities, and the like. This website takes the odor of different kinds of institutions. The authority of various institutions gets customized services. You may order as much as you want. The website authority is reaching their product in the remote corner of the country on time. They deliver books to the library, corporate house, bank, and Insurance. NGO, defense, and government and non-governmental institutions with the highest discount on original printed books. You place an order through this online website. 

Recent Offered Book

This website also shows on its homepage recent offers of books. Their website expresses their discount books. This website is very much flexible towards its readers. The authority of this website not only does its businesses not also provide a type of service. 

Collected Book

At the same time, this website gives you the opportunity of going through the collected book for its esteemed readers. They collect various kinds of books that are not available in the market. Indeed, they collected these books and reprinted them for their existence. In this way, readers can read those very books.  


Towards the end of this website’s categories, you can find a blog option. By clicking on it, you can get into the page in the blog. Here you can see many blogs written by readers. You can read it free of cost. You may be happy to know that anyone can write blogs here. The people who like to love writing, get the opportunity to do it.

Publishers’ request

There is an option for publisher and writer requests. As soon as you click on this option, you can see the page. You can see two options, as a publisher and as a writer. You have to fill the form with the necessary data and later on, you can request to go ahead. This website brings an option for both writers and publishers. 

Magazine namely Boithoki

This online website not only gives the chance to its reader to go through the book that has given it a page but also published a magazine by the name of “Baithaki.” By downloading it, You can read the magazine without payment. 

Last, of all, we can assert that Rokomari did great things for the development of knowledge. It becomes able to reach the desired book at the hand of the readers without any difficulty.

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