startech bd is the biggest computer accessories online selling company. It sells computer technology-related products all over the country. This institution provides both online and offline services to its customers. You know this shop has occupied the 1st position in selling products online. All the customers get their desired products through this shop. The shop has many branches almost all over the country. You may hardly find any in Bangladesh without tech products. This shop started its journey in 2007. This shop has focused on providing the best services to the customers. Let us know about their service and its products. 

Available Products of the Startech bd are given below:

Realm of the best laptops

startech bd

You know, star tech is one of the biggest online and offline selling shops. It is a collection of different kinds of brand laptops. You can get all kinds of laptops here such as gaming laptops, internet-powered laptops, AMD Ryzen laptops for work, gaming laptops, freelancing laptops, and laptops for study. Star tech can provide a genuine official’s Apple Macbook Air or Macbook Pro laptop for their customers. Besides, star tech at present sells the latest models of many well-known Laptop computer brands such as Razer, HP, Dell, Apple Macbook, Asus, Acer, Lenovo, Microsoft Surface, MSI, Gigabyte, i-Life, Walton, Xiaomi MI, Huawei, Chuwi. If you would like to purchase any updated laptops, just contact these shops. 

Different bands’ notebooks

You know desktop PCs play a vital role in any workspaces or gaming setup whether you are an entry-level,mid-level, or high-performance user. A desktop PC will be the best solution if you will be using your PC to run the resource-demanding apps consistently. From the star tech, you can easily purchase your desired Brand PC, Portable mini PC, All-In-One PC, Apple Mac mini or iMac PC, or any budget pc. At the same time, you can get a new Intel Desktop PC, AMD Desktop PC, or custom Desktop PC very easily with the PC builder feature from Startech bd website or any of our shops. You can enhance your productivity with our collections of hi-end gaming and rendering PCs if you are a gamer or professional content creator. 

Best Desktop PC 

Best Desktop PC 

You know, it is very easy for the customers who would like to get a custom PC. Star tech provides all kinds of facilities. At the same time, you can even choose accessories as per your demands. You can choose the main components like the Processor (CPU), Monitor, Motherboard, Graphics Card, SSD, HDD, RAM, Casing, Cooler, Power supply (PSU), and so on. On the other hand, you can easily purchase any other accessories for a PC like a keyboard, mouse, mousepad, headphones, webcam, capture card, etc with extensive features like RGB lighting to give your PC a gaming vibe. Besides, you can change any of your preferred components or accessories before the final purchase if you want. You can get this opportunity in both physical stores and online shops. 

Computers’ accessories

You can purchase all sorts of computer accessories from this shop at a considerable price. You can buy SSD, pen drive, keyboard, mouse, monitor, printer, scanner, data cable, UPS, dust cleaner, mouse pad, printer ink printer, VGA, CD writer, router, and all types of computer accessories in a word. You will happy to know that you can buy all sorts of accessories at a considerable price at star tech. You can buy these accessories from the Startech BD shop physically and virtually easily. To buy these accessories online, you only have to click on your desired product online. By following some steps, you can easily buy that very computer accessory.

Gaming components

Gaming components - startech bd

You know gaming is getting more popular entertainment day by day. Most people of all ages spend their leisure time playing games on different devices. Star tech provides the best selection of Gaming Desktop PC, gaming laptops, and gaming consoles. Star tech also provides other gaming components like the gaming motherboard, Liquid cooler, Cooler fan, gaming casing, hi-performance RAMKit, Graphics card, and so on. You know gamers can accessorize their gaming setup with various accessories like a gaming mouse, keyboard, mousepad, headphones, gamepad, RGB light-strips, etc. apart from these regular ones without any difficulty. On the other hand, this shop has a collection of some special gaming-focused accessories like gaming chairs, gaming desks, gaming Sofa, and RGB mousepads. This shop has a strategic partnership with some well-known gaming brands like Razer, Antec, Gamdias, and Asus. Besides, this shop has gaming products from all other popular brands like A4Tech Bloody, ASRock, SteelSeries, Logitech, Corsair, Redragon, Coolermaster, Fantech, Cougar, Zadak, Gigabyte, Elgato, and many more.

Office equipment

Nowadays, you cannot think of an office without a computer. A computer in an office environment significantly enhances productivity. Office work cannot be done without a computer or laptop as well as a printer. The products of star tech are popular with the users of different offices. To run an office properly, you can purchase office equipment like laptops, desktops, routers, printers, Photocopiers, Conference Systems, attendance machines, and Server equipment. This shop has a great reputation in this sector. The authority of star tech provides the best product for the offices. 

Monitor for PC

The monitor is an output device for PCs. It is one of the important devices for operating computers. An excellent monitor is very essential for proper work on a computer. A good monitor can bring work satisfaction. Star tech provides its customer best monitors. By searching through the computer monitor section on star tech’s online sales website, you will find most favorite LED, LCD, Full HD, and IPS sync monitors. Besides, you find there exclusively designed curved gaming, touch & 3d, ultra-wide, 4k gaming monitors in different sizes such as 18.5″, 21.5″, 23.5″, 27″ 32″ & 43″ and the like. Star tech also elegantly designs HP monitors, most stylish LG monitors, gaming-friendly Asus monitors, spectacular Samsung, and also stunning Acer, Dell, and Phillips monitors. By analyzing the market, the authority of star tech set the best computer monitor price for our respected customers. Star tech delivers including Dhaka, Chittagong, Rangpur, and any place inside Bangladesh. After ordering their products, they will reach your location within the shortest possible time. 


You know, UPS is one of the most important electrical devices. It provides emergency backup with the help of batteries when the input power source fails. It has a relatively short run-time but enough to start a standby power source or shut down necessary equipment for saving from the damage. So to use the best UPS is essential for your computer. offers you the best price UPS for a complete backup system for homes and businesses all over Bangladesh. UPS uses for protecting hardware such as computers, data centers, telecommunication equipment, or other electrical equipment where an unexpected power failure might cause injuries, fatalities, serious business disruption, or data loss. There are various types of UPS in star tech shops. Among them, the Maxgreen brand has a huge variety of 650VA & 1200VA of offline and 1KVA, 2KVA & 3KVA of online UPS for the customers of Dhaka, Chattagram, Rangpur, Khulna & Sylhet. You can order online through courier at any place in the country. 

Genuine products and after-sales services

From the very beginning, Sat Tech is taking care of its customers. Every customer can get a genuine product at the best price. This shop is delivering its desired products at the best price in the market for both online and physical stores. At the same time star tech often offer the most extensive range of pre-sale and post-purchase product support and after-sales service. Star tech opens branches in major cities like Dhaka, Chittagong, Rangpur, Gazipur, and Khulna in other cities to ensure customer satisfaction. This shop will be available in all the districts in the future. It is needless to mention that startech bd has started an online delivery service in all 64 districts in Bangladesh. 

Best Ecommerce Shop for placing order

You will be happy to know that star tech always satisfies its customers with its services. It ensures better service by starting the e-commerce shop in addition to the physical stores. Its goal was to gather more customers in the shortest time., the website has provided a comprehensive search option to find the desired product. At the same time, this website has a unique PC builder feature to build a custom PC with your desired components. The shop launches many promotional campaigns on various occasions regularly. In this way, this shop provides many successful events named Flash sale, Special offer, Thursday Thunder, Anniversary Special Offer, New Year Offer, 12.12 Campaign, and the like. Again this shop arranges special gaming events and tournaments for Bangladeshi gamers with renowned gaming Brands like Razer and Asus ROG sometimes. 

In this online and offline shop, you can get all sorts of technical and computer accessories at considerable prices. You can get various types of cameras, security cameras, networking, software, server & storage, TV, AC, and so on. 

Going through the above discussion of, you can get a clear concept regarding this online shop’s services. Because of its best service, it has occupied a distinguished place no doubt.