If you are an avid biryani lover, you will go to certain heights to find the best biryani in Dhanmondi that has the right taste and flavor that you crave for.

The best biryani in Dhanmondi is all about getting the right ingredients in the recipe so that it becomes delicious and customers do not forget about the aroma and taste. Biryani is loved by people in Bangladesh and they always go to certain places where biryanis are served in the most traditional way.

Having a traditional touch in food makes it even tastier and you can have a similar feeling when you visit the restaurants that make the best biryani in Dhanmondi. Dhaka has no shortage of restaurants, both mediocre and high-end when it comes to serving biryani. With unmatched fragrance and taste, you can never go wrong by visiting Dhanmondi and trying biryani from the best restaurants.

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