Only the restaurants that serve the best Kacchi biryani in Dhanmondi can be the right place if you are looking to try something different, unlike other places.

While there is no shortage of restaurants for Kacchi biryani, only the restaurants with the best Kacchi biryani in Dhanmondi provide you with a great atmosphere and delicious food. To prepare a Kacchi biryani dish, fresh ingredients have to be needed. And, they have to be arranged in layers to get maximum taste and aroma. Layers of rice, meat, potatoes, and aromatic spices comprise the Kacchi biryani.

So, what makes the best Kacchi biryani in Dhanmondi popular? Well, it is the right proportion of the ingredients that makes this recipe a finger-licking one. Kacchi biryani is a popular dish in Bangladesh and it is loved by people regardless of any age. People enjoy the taste and flavor of the dish to their heart’s content.

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