Panasonic Service Center
  • Elephant Road, Dhaka

Living in a digital world every day a new vision is born. It travels through various networks, to smoothen this journey there is a need for right junctions and we are those junctions. We are GLOBAL BRAND PRIVATE LIMITED – we bring these visions a step closer to you. We believe in excellence that makes you different from others and helps to emerge as a rising star. At GLOBAL BRAND PRIVATE LIMITED our philosophy is to leave from all frontiers and show the world, that business is all about relationship, commitment, and perseverance. Growing at a consistent value, GLOBAL BRAND PRIVATE LIMITED is the leading value-added distributor of IT, Mobility & Enterprise solutions in Bangladesh.

  • Panasonic Service Center

Business Hours

Sorry, we are currently closed.
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Saturday9:00 am6:15 pm
Sunday9:00 am6:15 pm
Monday9:00 am6:15 pm
Tuesday9:00 am6:15 pm
Wednesday9:00 am6:15 pm
Thursday9:00 am6:15 pm

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