Shah Ali Plaza

Mirpur is the largest residential area in Dhaka. Shah Ali Plaza is one of the biggest shopping malls in the Mirpur area. It is mainly situated in Mirpur 10. It is a great place for shopping for the crowd of people of Mirpur.

It is a fourteen-storied building. The shopping area is situated on the first four floors of this shopping mall. The Rest area of this shopping center is organized by different offices and commercial apartments.

Shah Ali plaza is also recognized as Shah Ali plaza or Shah Ali market. There are different product categories in this shopping complex. Let’s know the categories of this shopping mall-


Health and beauty

Health and beauty products are very popular with all types of customers. People like to purchase their health-related products from a reliable place. Shah Ali plaza is a source of quality beauty products that consumers love to get. The health-related products of this shopping mall come from different trustable and approved sources.

 Babies and Toys

People are intended to purchase baby products and various toys for their babies. Baby items need to be authentic because babies are very sensitive. People can purchase their baby items from this shopping mall at an affordable price trustfully.


Grocery items are the most common products for all customers. It is a great advantage for all consumers that they can purchase their desired grocery products from this shopping mall at a reasonable price in a great environment.

You will get all the authentic products here. The regular consumers are just fans of this shopping mall because they enjoy the discount facilities on different products from this shopping complex.

Shah Ali shopping plaza is a great place for all the nearest residents in the Mirpur area. Besides this, people from other sectors also come to this mall to visit and purchase sometimes. After all, the security system of this shopping mall is just amazing.

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