Best Neurology Hospitals in Dhaka

Neurological disorders are medical conditions that have to deal with the functions of the nervous system. The nervous system, in turn, is responsible for regulating most bodily functions including appetite, heart rate, sleep cycle, etc.

There are over 200 different types of neurological ailments ranging from minor problems like headaches to more severe ones such as dementia and Parkinson’s disease. Neurological conditions are usually very difficult to treat as the nervous system is largely an unknown entity, and there is no clear line dividing disorders of the brain from those of the spinal cord. In general, neurological diseases tend to be chronic because they progress slowly as nerve cells die out or stop functioning.

Neurological disorders are frequently identified by a patient’s general practitioner. They will do a comprehensive physical examination as well as a few tests. They’ll be able to identify if the patient needs to begin the process of finding a neurology hospital. Neurological issues are highly important and should not be overlooked. As a result, this article includes a list of the Best Neurology Hospitals in Dhaka. 

Choosing the right neurology hospital is an important decision. It involves thorough research and analysis on which institution has the best reputation, facilities, staff, doctors, etc. 

Examine the qualifications of the neurology hospital and make sure they are accredited. Consult with your physician about the professional reputations of neurology treatment hospitals, particularly those that handle your specific type of neurological disorder. Find the best neurology specialist first, as they will almost certainly treat you at the best neurology hospitals.

Some of The Best Neurology Hospitals in Dhaka are enlisted below.

Bumrungrad Hospital Bangladesh Office


Ad-din Hospital


Health Aid Hospital Ltd.


Suraiya Hospital & Diagnostic Center


MH Samorita Medical College & Hospital


BIHS General Hospital


Japan Bangladesh Friendship Hospital


City Hospital Ltd.


United Hospital Limited


Bangladesh Specialized Hospital


Green Life Medical College Hospital


LABAID Specialized Hospital


Central Hospital Ltd.


Square Hospitals Ltd.


BRB Hospital Limited


Here are some factors to consider when you are looking for the Best Neurology Hospital in Dhaka:

1. Neurological Surgery Department/Clinics

The best neurology hospital will have its own department or clinic to deal with neurological surgeries. Patients will also be able to choose from different doctors who specialize in different areas of neuroscience like neurosurgeons, neurologists, and neurophysiologists.

Choosing an institution that has its own department or clinic for neurological surgeries is the best option because it means you can receive one-stop treatment and not have to go to various hospitals for separate consultations and tests.

2. Large Neurology Hospital with Many Specialists Doctors

The best neurology hospital in Dhaka should be large enough to have plenty of doctors. The more doctors there are, the better the hospital is equipped to handle larger numbers of patients. This is because when you go to any doctor at a neurology hospital, they need sufficient time and resources to treat their patients.

3. The Neurology Hospital Must Be Accredited and Approved by the Government

A neurology hospital that is accredited and approved by the government regulations in Bangladesh has undergone a careful process of inspection to ensure that it provides staff with sufficient training, facilities, equipment for patients. This then guarantees that they are able to prevent mistakes or accidents during treatment.

4. A Neurology Hospital in Dhaka That is Located Near Public Transportation

Patients living outside of Dhaka may have a hard time going to a neurology hospital because of travel costs and scheduling difficulties. The best neurology hospital will be easily accessible by public transportation or with own vehicle.

5. Well-Established Neurology Hospital in Dhaka

A well-established neurology hospital in Dhaka means it has been around for a while. That means the staff, facilities, and equipment are all up to date with modern technology. It also means that they have plenty of experience taking care of patients so you can feel confident in your choice when you find The Best Neurology Hospital in Dhaka.

These are the factors to consider when looking for a neurology hospital in Dhaka. These five factors will ensure that you choose the best neurological clinic as well as give your patient as much confidence as possible during their healthcare journey.

It’s also crucial to figure out what kind of care the institution offers. You can trust that the best neurology hospital will provide you with the best possible treatment. The sanitary and attractive surroundings help to put patients at ease. It also guarantees that they have fewer problems and recover at a more consistent rate. 

When you go to a clinic for treatment, you want to be certain that the doctor is competent to address your particular problem. You should also ensure that the clinic’s personnel is courteous and friendly. Picking the best neurology hospital is a major choice. After all, you’ll be receiving therapy from the professional for a specific amount of time. You should also consider whether the neurologist’s communication style is compatible with your requirements. Spend some time on the website to get list of the best Neurologist in Dhaka.